Photo Session
1 hour
A photoshoot based around one single location.

2 hours
A full photoshoot based around one or more locations
Plenty of variety
My most popular package

3 hours
Multiple locations across the city
A professional photoshoot enabling plenty of variety!

Platinum Session
595€ - 4 hours
For the most discerning people: a fully bespoke and unique experience.
Multiple sessions during the day or 4 hours straight
A full variety of locations
Sunrise and sunset!
Freshen up/change clothes between sessions
A truly professional Parisian photoshoot experience.
Mini Session
220€ - 30 minutes
No frills but no shortcuts either!
(Subject to availability)
More Information
Each package is fully inclusive, no hidden extra costs.
The price you pay includes professional editing on every photo from the shoot.
The amount of photos you receive will depend on the success of the shoot. There will be a minimum of 10 photos per 30 minutes, but likely many more.
Half and full day sessions can be discussed.
Extensive Photoshop type image manipulation (body altering/excessive skin smoothing etc)
isn't included in the price and must be discussed in advance.
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